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NVQ's - National Vocational Qualifications

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) are based on the National Occupational Standards developed to provide benchmarks for the competent performance of a candidate.  The content of the Standards are led by demand and based on evidence from Industry.  They underpin vocational training, apprenticeships and qualifications across the whole of the UK, in all sectors and occupations.
Our NVQ’s are designed to provide minimal disruption to our clients and each individual candidate.  The entire process is delivered on site, in an environment that candidates are familiar with - avoiding the need for them to leave to attend a training centre. All NVQ’s include a mixture of fundamental health & safety questions along with specific job knowledge questions and require the candidates to gather necessary work based evidence.
Occupationally competent Assessors will guide and support candidates through the whole qualification process, from how to build the qualification portfolio, understanding individual job knowledge questions to mapping the work based evidence to the standards set by the relevant Awarding Organisation.
The duration of each qualification is very much lead by the individual candidate and is subject to their workload.
It is important that all candidates are working in the relevant occupation of the qualification being undertaken in order for the necessary work based evidence to be gathered and recorded.

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