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Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS One Day Course)

The Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme (TSTS) is a one-day course designed for those who are involved in the tunnel construction industry as a member of the workforce, to help them understand a variety of different aspects of the industry, the associated working environment, and some of the potential hazards that they may face working on a tunnelling site.
Course Aims

To ensure candidates gain an understanding of:

  • How tunnels are constructed, and the operations conducted within the construction phase and their impact on the environment

  • The health, safety and occupational health hazards and risks in the tunnelling environment

  • Legislation and standards relating to tunnelling and procedures to be adhered to in the tunnelling environment, including confined spaces, exclusion zones and emergencies

  • Risk assessment and risk management

  • What is expected of them by way of safe conduct and behaviour whilst working in a tunnelling environment.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, it is hoped that candidates will:

  • Be aware of legislation and standards specific to tunnelling

  • Know the health, safety and occupational hazards and PPE requirements in the tunnelling environment

  • Be able to understand risk assessment principles and risk management practice in a tunnelling environment, and how these risks are identified and communicated

  • Know the generic operations taking place within portals, shaft top and pit bottom areas, and their relevance to the tunnelling operation

  • Appreciate the basic principles of tunnel construction, tunnelling methods, and their inherent risks, and how each method is influenced by ground types

  • Understand the hazards and the controls required with plant, equipment and services in tunnelling operations.

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